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Presented by Chivas

“I do a lot of things outside of music but it’s definitely the one that my heart leans to the most. It’s definitely my most favoured path.”

MADAM3EMPRESS is an Australian-born South African artist with big energy, tasteful savagery and uncompromising creative vision. Music became her cultural anchor between the country she was born in, and the South African blood running through her veins. Her love and connection to music helped her navigate her identity, her femininity, her drive, her passion and her purpose.

With deep roots in Gospel music and Cape-Townian Jazz, mixed with her love for Neo-Soul, RnB and Hip-Hop has allowed her to create art without boundaries, enabling her to write and perform from a place of true freedom and absolute certainty. This freedom means she can create music that crosses genres and is impossible to box in, with her strong, confident vocal delivery and razor-sharp lyrics acting as the anchors to keep her art consistent.



Art Direction Joshua Space
Photography Georgia Haynes
Styling DocG
Hair & Makeup Natalia Poposka
Interviews Henry Owens
Video Shot & Edited by Posterboy Media