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Yourboymars Play


Presented by Chivas

“I want to be the biggest artist to come out of Australia and eventually start my own thing and help artists who may not have had it easy.”

From the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, hails Yourboymars who is on the path to take over Australia’s hip-hop music scene that has exponentially grown over the past two years. Yourboymars has versatility from butter-smooth R&B right through to Afrobeat-backed hip-hop and distinctive trap-rap; At only 20 years of age, he is on the forefront of the ‘new-wave’ in the Australian music scene.
Yourboymars is a singer-songwriter, rapper and producer who is on the rise to greatness. He aspires to always better himself through his music and represents his passion for his Habesha culture.



Art Direction Joshua Space
Photography Georgia Haynes
Styling DocG
Hair & Makeup Natalia Poposka
Interviews Henry Owens
Video Shot & Edited by Posterboy Media