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Mason Dane

Presented by Chivas

“I think I’ve evolved in terms of hustle and realising that if I want something I really have to work for it.”

Raised in Newcastle NSW, Mason Dane was exposed to music from all genres since birth, playing guitar with his as early as 4. After Mason finished school, he decided to take music seriously as it was the only constant in his life. Not being from a major city Mason had to teach himself production, mixing and songwriting, self-releasing his first EP in 2018. Mason caught the attention of his management and he relocated to Sydney to have a shot at his dream and has since have established himself as a writer and producer for names like Day1 and Hooligan Hefs while also carving out his own lane as an artist, creating songs from trap to pop to EDM and more.



Art Direction Joshua Space
Photography Georgia Haynes
Styling DocG
Hair & Makeup Natalia Poposka
Interviews Henry Owens
Video Shot & Edited by Posterboy Media