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“People that know me well know that I don’t like to talk about my feelings, so music and writing songs are literally the only way I feel like I can express myself honestly.”

CD has swiftly carved her own lane with a cultivated twist on alternative R&B. The soulstress from Melbourne’s western suburbs has left many enamoured by her provocative mode. Armed with a honey syrup voice, and an evolved palette that touches influences of jazz, neo-soul and hip hop, CD uniquely evokes nostalgia while probing forward. After years of honing her craft, the singer/songwriter has developed a sound that’s sui generis. Looking through the lens of contemporary R&B, while further drawing from her Egyptian culture, she utilises this blender of styles in her musical expression.



Art Direction Joshua Space
Photography Georgia Haynes
Styling DocG
Hair & Makeup Natalia Poposka
Interviews Henry Owens
Video Shot & Edited by Posterboy Media